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Moyy Pet Packaging
Strong, Safe and Eco-friendly
Pet parents are among the most conscientious buyers around. Having exactly the right packaging is not just important, it can make or break a pet product’s success. The top priority is having clear, concise package design that delivers a message of safety for fur baby consumption. Equally important is package recyclability. It just so happens these are our top priorities as well.
Eco-friendly Print Process
Leading-edge direct-to-substrate print technology allows for low-impact carbon pawprint combined with high impact graphics.
Whether grab-and-go, sample-sized pouches and containers or subscription mailers, expect robust product protection with easy-to-open engineering.
Preserving Brand Integrity
Clear, beautiful designs that signal brand commitment to safety and sustainability.
Moyy Deluxe Mailer
Designs that speak ‘safety’ and ‘sustainability.’
Print materials that are sturdy enough to reuse and simple to recycle.
Geared to handle steadily rising market demand and easily tackle supply chain issues

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