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Moyy Brown Box Group
You’re In Control
You want solutions at your fingertips. We can help with that. You want the convenience of automation but maybe you’re not there yet. That’s OK. We can help with that too.

Our talented structural designers build strong, durable, and sustainable protective packaging that accomplishes all you need. Taking all variables into account. Product attributes. Retailer requirements. Shipping methods and supply chain barriers. And the list goes on…

Our goal is to equip you with packaging solutions that protect your products and ensure they are showcased and delivered with unprecedented utility and style.

Get the best advice in the business on how to automate your packaging. Not only will you reduce production time and costs, but you’ll also always have a steady availability of supplies.

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Boutique Service
Years of experience along with our focussed, one-on-one service addresses all your pain points.
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Packaging that Protects
Expertly designed solutions that create efficiencies and reduce packing time.
One-Stop Shop
Everything you need, all in one place.
Moyy Manufacturing Group
Consulting expertise in packaging automation
In-house strength testing to guarantee structural integrity
Our expertise is powered by 40 years in the industry

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Our experts are ready to help
Our team lives and breathes corrugate, design and colour. We're here to help guide you through the process and amplify your brand with the limitless potential of corrugate. Reach out to connect with one of our experts today.
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